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    Merged files not opening correctly from TOC

      We are having issues with one of our merged .chms. It is a small .chm with one topic and 8 merged TOCs. When this .chm file is compiled, the TOC works fine and all the TOC topics open and the topics display correctly in the right-hand frame.
      However, when we merge this .chm with our main help, we get the following error message when we click on a TOC entry:
      "The window name "Main" passed to HH_GET_WIN_TYPE has not been specified"

      We click OK to continue and the topic opens but in a new window as its own .chm, not in the right-hand frame like it should. And most of the time the new window does not have the correct title, it is picking up the title of TOC below or above it, or the one that was opened previously.
      Hope this is making sense, it is hard to explain without images...
      I have spent hours trying to figure this one out and was originally getting the same error in the stand alone .chm, but I think (fingers crossed) that I have fixed this. One of the merged TOC projects was corrupting everyhting else, but we have recreated that project from scratch, and now it all works fine.
      It is just when the .chm is merged with the main help.
      Is it because we have a merged TOC within a merged TOC?