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    mac pro


      Is there any definitive thread  for problems  with the latest mac pro.

      I got the new mac pro with the idea  I was  gonna fly through 4K video editing and Fx work.

      I usually get about an hour of work done before system hangs.

      application memory out, corrupt module

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          dakuswolf Level 1

          ... various other erros  or  just frieze up.

          i seem to spend much of  my time just trawling internet forums looking for  an answer.

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            bogiesan Level 4

            I have had my MacPro cylinder for 6-9 months. All of my Adobe products run superbly and are quite stable. I don't do 4k, it's unnecessary, but I do l;its of pre comps in 3k and 4k and pull them back into 1080 workspaces.


            Your issues are probably not with the hardware or the MacOS. I suggest you start researching the sources of your 4k, how you get them transcoded, and how you expect to provide the output. To figure out if your 4k source material is part of the problem, try working in 740 using ProRes422 and see how your system performs.


            The AE wonks will demand you post your system specs.

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              dakuswolf Level 1

              thannks  for  taking the  time to answer.