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    Lightroom Synchronize Folder... Greyed Out


      This is an issue raised before: Synchronise folders problem but not resolved.


      I have a Catalog that will not allow me to synchronize my folders: Library > Synchronize Folder...  the option is greyed out & not available via right-click either. (I am trying to sync folders not Collections)


      I am using LR5.7 on Win 7 64bit. I tried the LR Repair option in the installer & a cold reboot as suggested in the previous post. None of these cleared the problem.

      I have now been through 18 backups of the Catalog, going back 2 months & they all suffer from the same condition. None of my other Catalogs have the problem, which suggests a corruption of this individual Catalog.

      As I have many Virtual Copies stored in the Catalog I am concerned these may be lost.

      Can anyone suggest a way to fix the issue? It seems to have been mentioned in the forums over the years & no LR technician has ever produced a solution!

      As a last resort I will 'Export as Catalog' & see if it corrects the problem.

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          Workaround: Lightroom Synchronize Folder... Greyed Out

          • select Parent folder & Export as Catalog
          • give the new Catalog a unique name, such as 'exported_Catalog'
          • initiate Export
          • cancel the process by clicking the X at the end of the progress bar
          • choose the option to 'Delete Negative Copy'
          • the process then continues, copying previews & creating a new Catalog
          • Rename the old corrupt Catalog
          • Cut & paste the 'exported_Catalog.lrcat' into the same location as the old Catalog & rename as the original
          • Open in Lightroom, reset the Catalog Settings & synchronize
          • Close Catalog with the option to Optimize & Backup!


          With this workaround, you may clear the issue, retaining the Virtual Copies, but you will lose any Publishing Settings.