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    Need help with print color casts from Photoshop, also an instruction for complete uninstall of Photoshop


      I use Mac 10.7 with CS4.


      I'm making prints out of images done in Photoshop.  Recently I purchased Epson stylus pro 9880.  However, the prints are having color casts.  I have printed the files with other printers and I know that the files are fine.


      I use Mac 10.7 with CS4.


      Epson tech instructed me to reinstall the printer driver.  When I had the problem a week ago, replacing the printer driver took care of the greenish cast.


      Now I'm getting magenta cast.  Since a print from Preview came out fine, Epson instructed me to try printer driver replacement, permission repair and photoshop reinstall.  I tried those but the problem persists.  And now the prints from Preview also have a magenta cast.  Epson says I have to completely uninstall the photoshop and reinstall.  They think using the uninstall feature of photoshop doesn't do the complete job.


      I have two questions.


      1. How do I completely uninstall photoshop?


      2. Anyone have any clue what I should do to make sure that I don't have the color casts?


      Thank you so much in advance.


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