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    Lightroom no longer advancing to next photo after deleting a shot...


      Hi. This has been bugging me for quite awhile in LR3, but having upgraded to LR5 a few days ago I am very disappointed and frustrated to see that the issue has not been resolved...


      When I originally installed LR3 on my early-2009 iMac, the program would always advance to the next photo in my catalogue when I deleted a shot from it. Following an update (I can't recall which, sorry) LR suddenly stopped doing this - instead, following a deletion I now get a blank screen with the message 'No photo selected'. This is extremely irritating, and frequently results in me losing my place in my catalogue, particularly when I'm in 'All Photographs' mode.


      This happens in both the Library and Develop modules...


      I use the delete button on my iMac to delete photos with. I'm on Mavericks now, but the issue appeared way before this - I honestly can't recall now whether it was whilst I was using Snow Leopard, or even as far back as Leopard).


      Please can somebody tell me how to configure LR5 so that it automatically advances to the next shot on delete, like in the 'good old days' ;o) ?


      Thank you,