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    About Transitions

    fo_ka Level 1
      In a presentation I change a picture using the following code
      How can I define a transition only for the area of the picture, without affecting the rest of the presentation?
      When I use the transition channel, the transition affects the whole presentation, even some rollover buttons...

      Thank you in advance
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          Level 7
          You can use the transitions channel or puppetTransition to set a
          transition on any given frame. If you select a frame in the transition
          channel and double click to open the transitions properties window,
          you'll see that there is an option at the bottom of the window to select
          whether the transition will affect the whole window or just the sprites
          that change. As you select various transitions, you'll see this option
          turning off and on. Some transitions will only work with the whole
          screen, some can operate on only the sprite(s) that change in that frame.

          If you use puppetTransition, you can also set the value of this option.

          Alternately, you can use the behaviors in the Sprite Transitions section
          of the Behavior Library. These behaviors can be applied to a single

          You may also want to look at third party solutions.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert