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    can't install Flash Player AGAIN!


      Every time I try and use Flash Player it's out of date.


      Every time I try to upgrade it either fails continuously or takes about three weeks before I can dedicate enough time to resolve the issues.


      Why is this technology suddenly behaving like this?  It used to be fantastic, now it's the worst piece of software I have installed on my macintosh.



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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          Please do the following;

          1. delete any installers you have downloaded (delete them from the trash as well).
          2. Download the uninstaller from this page, Uninstall Flash Player | Mac OS.
          3. Download the installer from this page, Installation problems | Flash Player | Mac, it's posted at the bottom of the page in the 'Still having problems section.
          4. After downloading both files, run the uninstaller.
          5. When complete, restart your system, ensuring your system is not configured to start open programs upon reboot (the box next to the 'Reopen windows when logging back in' in the restart/shutdown dialog window is not selected).
          6. Once your system restarts, run the installer downloaded in step 3 above.




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            roy_long Level 1

            Too late, I have switched to using HTML5 instead, so much easier and less traumatic.


            This is the third time in as many months.  Too much for me to keep going through this.


            Thank you for your reply, but I am now done with Flash.  Good bye Flash.

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              pwillener Level 8

              How can you "switch to HTML5"?  It's the websites that decide if they serve their content as Flash content or in HTML5.  Very few (like Youtube) give you actually a choice.


              If you allow Flash Player to install updates automatically, you won't even notice that it updated.  I haven't touched Flash Player since version 16 was released, yet Flash Player is up to date ( on all machines under my control.

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                roy_long Level 1

                Two things:


                1.     designing my own content - move from using Flash to using HTML5

                2.     training videos (lynda.com) have an HTML5 option which negates the need for Flash.


                If I come across any other websites needing Flash, I just go elsewhere now.  Easy.

                job done.