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    After Effects CC 2014 bogging down after about 30 minutes of use

    The Production Group

      Hello everyone.

      I am having a strange problem. When using After Effects CC 2014 on my Yosemite Mac Pro, after about 30 minutes every aspect of the program slows down. Typing of text, moving layers, rendering, even selecting a layer is extremely slow. The funny thing is, when I close and reopen the program it works like normal. It is getting quite old to have to restart After Effects every 30 minutes or so. I use the program for professional work every day so it gets quite annoying.


      Here are my computer specs:


      Mac Pro (Mid 2012)

      Yosemite 10.10.2

      12 Core

      28GB RAM

      Nvidia GTX 970

      Outputting video preview to AJA Kona LHi


      I used to have a Quadro 4000 in the computer, but bought a GTX 970 yesterday and started using that. So I guess that eliminates the GPU as a problem.


      I almost always have Premiere Pro open while using After Effects.


      Any input is appreciated!