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    In CS6, JavaScript Running MUCH Slower than ActionScript

    mlavie Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am finding that in CS6, JS code runs MUCH slower than ActionScript code. I don't want to double-post here - Full details may be found where I posted them in the InDesign Scripting forum at  - CS6 JavaScript Running Much Slower than ActionScript, before I realized that this forum might be more appropriate.


      The basic gist of it is that I had a Flex/ActionScript Extension, which I obviously needed to start converting to JavaScript in advance of the next version not supporting ActionScript. I converted 20,000 lines of my business logic code from ActionScript to JavaScript (grrr...) - only to find that it now runs 5 times slower than it did in ActionScript.


      What has been the experience of others who have converted large Extensions from ActionScript to JavaScript?


      I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions.