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    Limiting Email Distribution of PDFs


      Dear Adobe,


      I work for a market research firm that sells premium reports in PDF format. A HUGE problem we (and the research industry) have is intellectual property protection and people distributing copies of our reports once they purchase and receive the PDF. For instance, a client purchases a report on trends in the Latin American consumer market, and later emails the PDF to his/her industry colleagues.


      My question to you, is there a security feature with Adobe Acrobat that restricts email distribution of a given document? For example, the sender emails the document to a specified recipient; once the intended recipient receives and opens the PDF, the PDF automatically enables a 'block' feature that restricts the primary recipient from attaching and sending the PDF through an email service provider - e.g. Gmail, or Outlook?


      This feature would greatly help our company and industry. I eagerly look forward to your response. 


      Best Regards,



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          You are describing Digital Rights Management (DRM). There are a number of solutions for this. Adobe's solution is LiveCycle Rights Management, a big-ticket server product which validates access to PDF files using certificate security; you run it 24/7 on a server to validate access. Of course, nothing can stop files from being copied, shared, put on USB keys, posted on the internet, etc. etc. but DRM makes an unauthorized copy useless. LiveCycle Rights Management needs to be considered in the context of enterprise security and access control; you can also use it for MS Office documents I believe.