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    The forms we have created the past couple of days are not sending email notifications to a specific email address.




      Yes, we understand that Adobe is discontinuing Forms Central.


      We have several forms created (app 75).  We are slowly migrating to another service.


      Until then, we need to be able to utilize the forms we have, and create new ones during the migration.


      We just created:  Pre-Application - Distribution Facility Manager - Summit and Pre-Application - Customer Service /Inside Sale Rep - Grand Junction, CO


      Once a candidate has completed the form, we send a notification to humanresources@sanitarysupplycorp.com


      This has worked in the past.  We have checked the email, spam, and sent test messages directly to the email, and all that works fine.  During the past couple of days this has changed.  It does not appear to be sending notifications to this email humanresources@sanitarysupplycorp.com  We have a workaround in place to send to an alternate email of customerservice@sanitarysupplycorp.com and this works fine.  It would be nice to get the humanresources@sanitarysupplycorp.com to work however.