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    Replacement for FormsCentral with similar data use


      Like everyone else, we are extremely disappointed and frustrated with Adobe's decision.


      As a small university we have transferred many of our forms into FormsCentral.  Within our Registrar's office, we have many very complex forms for registration and add/drop etc.  The biggest benefit we found in FormsCentral was the use of the submitted data.  We have 10 people directly in our office that would work on and process forms at any given time and these features are invaluable to us:


      • Private Views
      • Adding columns/choices
      • Editing entry fields
      • Hiding columns
      • Alternate views (seeing the results from a selected form in a side bar without blocking the main view)


      I have sampled many of the alternatives listed here within the forums as well as found some through my own research online.  All of them will build a form with their own quirks, however NOT ONE has anything remotely resembling the data use.  Some of them can assign a user, or list "pending" or other options....but that doesn't even come close to the features in FC.  The ability to download into excel or another random file format is useless to us other than archiving.


      Since many companies are monitoring these forums and offering their services, I will gladly test your system (if I haven't already) if you indicate you have the ability to manipulate the data in a similar fashion as FC.  While I greatly appreciate several companies creating import features so forms don't have to be recreated from scratch, our number one priority is how we can use the data we collect.  We simply don't have the resources to create and maintain a home build database to collect and use the information.


      Any other users have the same issue or found any solution?