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    Adobe InDesign CC 2014.1 Mac Crashes With Every Paste of Copied Text ***PLEASE HELP URGENT***


      Early 2013 Retina MacBook

      OS X 10.8.5

      Adobe CC 2014.1


      This just started happening out of the blue (no recent plug-ins or system tools installed):


      1. Copy text inside InDesign text frame
      2. Switch to any other application (I discovered with Excel for Mac 2011)
      3. Paste text
      4. InDesign immediately crashes and active application (Excel) becomes unresponsive


      I have attempted to troubleshoot with the following steps:


      • Restarted Mac
      • Shut Down Mac, Startup in Safe Mode, Restart Mac
      • Shut Down Mac, Boot Mac
      • Uninstall & Reinstall Adobe InDesign while keeping preferences
      • Uninstall & Reinstall Adobe InDesign while removing preferences
      • Deleted Preferences


      I will keep trying but am open to any suggestions at this point.  I have to get complete functionality back as soon as possible. Thanks.


      EDIT: 2/6/15

      Trying to troubleshoot more:

      • Closed all non essential applications and system plugins/tools
      • Only application running is Abobe InDesign CC
      • Copied text from InDesign text frame
      • Switch to Finder, Edit > View Clipboard
      • InDesign crashes immediately, Finder becomes unresponsive
      • Instead of switching to Finder, after copying text, I try to quit InDesign and it crashes


      Link to problem report: Problem Report for InDesign.txt


      Note: I am able to copy and paste text within InDesign but it crashes frequently.