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    Radio Button Value / Condition




      I am trying to create radio button options where the name is the same, example:



      a (for the group of 4 radio buttons).  I tried renaming them to give them each different selections but the same value.  I also read that I needed to keep the same name to avoid the user from choosing multiple options. Ultimately here is what I've done and below that is what I'm looking for:


      radio button "a" has a series of 4 questions, so while I technically am putting a with a value of 1 (1 point) - each radio button clicked has a value but goes to a different area. Example:


      Categories of options in which radio buttons are clicked... let's say radio button a1 a2 a3 a4 are in question 1... if lets say you chose radio button a2 you would fall under category: E F G or H and a2 would put you in category F (a1 in E, a3 in G, and a4 in H).



      I hope my description makes sense. I apologize for my lack of knoledge in this area and sincerely appreciate any and all your expertise.