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    Locked out and going around in circles with serial numbers.


      Ever since updating last July to CC14, I have only ever been able to use the trials.


      I have tried to follow instructions for redemption codes, re-installing, etc., but it just seems to be a never ending circle of going nowhere.


      I am on PC, Windows 8. I have not uninstalled the previous versions (CC), as they are the only ones I can access and have had to use.


      Example: It asks to sign in to redeem your code, but it doesn't give me one, just asks for it instead. It also says I don't need one as a member, so none of this makes sense to me.


      This has gone on long enough and I just need someone to fix it, not send me around in looping instruction pages that I can't get to work!


      I mainly use Photoshop, but can also not open the new Premiere.