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    Winhelp 2000 problem

    cp74 Level 1
      I have a Visual C++ application, a Robohelp project that contains Tutorials for the application and
      another Robohelp project that contains help for the application.

      The C++ application opens and contains a menu which has options to open the tutorial and help.
      Both of these work fine.
      Within the tutorial there is a jump to the help.
      When the tutorial is opened outside the C++ application, the jump works.
      When the tutorial is generated with WinHelp 4 and is opened from the application, the jump works.
      However when the tutorial is generated with WinHelp 2000, the jump does not work. The hourglass appears brielfy and a winhlp32.exe entry appears in the processes pane of the Task Manager.

      Any ideas how i can get the jump working when generated with WinHelp2000??