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       映像も音声も素晴らしいものです しかしこれを 保存したり外付のハードデスクにバックアップしたりしたものを再生すると音声が1秒から3秒位の間隔で一瞬とぎれます 

      音が途切れないようにするには どしたらよいのか?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I am having difficulties with the translation.


          Please help me to understand better your question.


          This is what I think your question might be...


          Your 4K video audio go out of syn and you want to know how to prevent that. If I am right on that, then

          1. What is your project preset that you (manually) or the project (automatically) set so that the project preset

          matches the properties of your source video? If you do not know, please tell me what you see under

          Edit Menu/Project Settings/General for Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size, and Pixel Aspect Ratio (even if the fields look grayed out).

          2. What are you specific export settings under Publish+Share/Computer/......?


          Please review and consider and then we will discuss what next based on your reply.


          Thank you.



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            英語に不慣れで、十分な理解はできていないと思いますが、プロジェクト設定を一般にして新たに動画を取り込みやってみましたが、保存後に再度開いた後の音声は同じように途切れる症状が頻繁な状 況は変わりませんでした。


            パソコンは先月に購入したDELL製品で、4Kの動画編集に対応しているということを何度も確認し、さらに4Kに対応しているプレミアエレメンツ13が入っているということで購入にいたりまし た。









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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Thank you very much for the reply.


              Is the resolution of your 4K video 3840 x 2160? What camera recorded the video? What is the duration and bitrate of a 4K video clip that you import into the project?

              After your 4K video is imported into the project, do your project settings look like the following when you go to Edit Menu/Projects Setting/General?

              4K project settings.JPG

              If you have something else, please tell us what you see in the Project Settings dialog for your project.


              When you bring your 4K video to the Timeline for the first time, does it have an orange line over its content or no colored line?

              Please see screenshot below. If you see an orange line, does the 4K video look better after you hit the Render button?




              Please tell us about the resources that your new computer came with, processor, clock speed, installed RAM, free hard drive space?

              Even though you have a new computer, have you looked to make sure that your video card/graphics card driver version is up to

              date? Please tell us if you have gone over the Premiere Elements 13 System Requirements.

              System requirements | Adobe Premiere Elements


              I have more questions and am looking forward to more details. But because of the language difference, it might be

              easier for you to go through the above before we go on.


              Please let me know if I am understanding your Premiere Elements problems correctly. Also, Adobe has just

              released a 13.1 Update for Premiere Elements 13. You download and install it from an opened project's Help Menu/Update.


              Best wishes



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                SUSUMUSATO Level 1



                私は4KビデオカメラはソニーFDR-AX100です。3840 x 2160で撮影しています。