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    if then optional box only if certain option is chosen




      I am looking for a formula or script where a user enters an option... example:


      If ages 1-12 click here (box "a")

      If ages 13-18 click here (box "b")

      If ages 18-59 click here (box "c")

      If ages 60 and above click here (box "d")


      Now, lets say someone clicked on box "d", I want all other boxes (a,b,c) not allowed to select the choices.  Only 1 option can be chosen, when that option is chosen I will then allow the user to select an option of choices based on their selection:


      if box a is clicked then pop up box "e" and box "e" will include 3 or more options (combo box).  Now.. this is where it gets a little tricky (for me at least since I am not that bright so bare with me)...


      I want there to be box "z" lets call it.  Box "z" will add or subtract the value(s) of the box choices (a,b,c,d) and their respective combo options (more than likely numerical options). Now on box "y" (made up) will be the sum of a,b,c, or d minus z.  I hope this makes sense and doesn't sound like gibberish.  Thank you so much in advance for all your time and assistance!