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    After Effects CC will not run on my Mac, 10.9.5


      Hi Everyone.


      When I signed up for CC about 6 months ago (maybe more), I installed all my CC apps, including After Effects CC. When I upgraded to After Effects CC (2014) I could never get it to run properly. I uninstalled it and reverted back to CC (Version 12.0 I believe). This seemed to do the trick for me until tonight. I could run the app just fine but I had to Render Settings for Quicktime. So I tried re-installing it and now I just get an error that says something like "You can't run this version of After Effects on this system". I get the same message if I install CS6 from my CC account. If I install 2014 It doesn't even give me an error... it just crashes. I am running Mavericks 10.9.5 and everything else seems to be good.


      Please don't tell me to install Yosemite, I did that once and couldn't stand it (don't get me started).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.