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    Trial version of CS6 Extended not requested! ?


      I just tried to open my licensed CS6, and kept getting a pop up that I had to sign in to open my trial version of CS6 Extended that I did not request !

      I got on Adobe chat and was told to sign in which I did, and the my chat session mysteriously ended when I tried to get more  info as to what this was all about.What appears to be my regular version of CS6 finally opened, but I now have the Extended features!

      I do not need them and do not wish to upgrade if there is a charge that will be due when the trial is over.

      I was given no notice in advance and no information as to how long the trial is, and if my regular version of CS6 will revert back if I do not wish to accept a charge for the 'upgrade'.

      I am now getting a message pop up box  when I open a document asking to choose either Continue the trial - or License the software. If I chose License am I subject to a fee or is this a free upgrade?

      Can someone tell me what is going on...I'm confused