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    Draft vanishing when sent to two people

    sd_garrett Level 1
      Have an interesting problem in Contribute 3.11

      We have about 15 people editing a site at different levels. all with the same version of contribute
      If a 'Writer' sends a draft for review to 2 or more 'Publishers' and a Publisher then chooses to Edit the draft, they get the old or live page and not the submitted draft.

      The page then says it's being edited by the Publisher in the writers draft panel and when the Publisher trys to go back to get the 'draft' version. They Cannot and get a message to say they are already editing it.

      The draft is still visible through the administrators 'Manage Sent Drafts' control panel but neither changing the owner nor the admin trying to edit it works and the file has then got to be extracted from the MMWIP folder and 'recued' via ftp.

      Look in the '98762384768237456' or whatever. and download it to your local computer open in Dreamweaver

      Delete the Draft via Admin Manage Sent Drafts consol.

      then re edit and paste in your content from your saved file. Then as admin send 1 copy to who ever needed to approve it in the first place.

      Bit long winded but thats what we did to fix it.

      Any Adobe people got any idea's on a better approach?

      and does Contribute 4 do the same thing?