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    InDesign Pallet behavior on 2 screen display

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      I am using InDesign on a new iMac.  I recently read in MacWorld Magazine about an app called Duet.  The app is intended to be used on Macs and an iPad.  I purchased the app and like it a lot.  It allows me to place all of the InDesigns's pallets on an iPad, reducing screen clutter on the iMac, and keeping pallets out of my way while I'm working on a document.


      I don't always have my iPad with me, however, and when I startup InDesign Pallets are way off to the side, and it takes me a considerable amount of time to snag them and place them on the iMac screen so they are easily viewed and I can use them as needed.


      Is there a way, perhaps through arranging the workspace, that I can have two configurations for arranging the pallets, one for when I am using the iPad and the iMac, and one for when I don't have the iPad and am using only the iMac?


      I've made quite a few attempts at trying to find a solution for this, but have not been successful.


      Any help appreciated.




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