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    Multiple pages website - How to switch pages?




      I'm creating a website in Edge Animate which will have 3 or 4 pages. I'm wondering about the switch between pages.


      I think it will be easier for me to make a different Edge composition for each page, and then link them inside the html's. BUT it will put a white screen between my pages (during the time for the next page to load), which I don't want.


      Soooo... Is there a way to load another composition in front of the first one to give the illusion of a page switch? I saw the Composition Load on Edge Commons, but with this technique I will not be able to use the "back" and "forward" button of the browser, right?


      I'd like to create each page in a separate composition, but I don't wanna get stuck when I will have to put them together...


      Thanks for your advices!