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    Please send this thread to Adobe customer service - flash player download loses connection everytime!


      Divay: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

      Jeff Daniels: Hi, please help me!

      Divay: I understand that you need help with Adobe Flash Player, but I am really sorry we don't support this Software over the chat, Please visit forums.adobe.com

      Jeff Daniels: no!  it doesnt help

      Jeff Daniels: neither does your website

      Jeff Daniels: why does it try to install and half way through loses connection, tries to reconnect, but never does!

      Jeff Daniels: this is so frustrating

      Jeff Daniels: the self help = no help

      Jeff Daniels: ive read the formums, no help

      Divay: You can post your own thread there. We don't have expertise over this product.

      Jeff Daniels: someone in your company must, please provide me a contact

      Divay: Please visit forums.adobe.com , This is the only point of contact.

      Jeff Daniels: no

      Jeff Daniels: I have tried everything on your site and to no avail...please connect me with someone that can offer support

      Jeff Daniels: its not that hard a simple download that doesnt work!

      Divay: We don't have support available for it, All freeware Products are just supported on Forums.adobe.com

      Jeff Daniels: i dont care if its freeware...its your company's product

      Jeff Daniels: im not the only one experiencing this issue

      Jeff Daniels: nowhere on the site does it mention what to do if download looses connection

      Jeff Daniels: how do you have a product that isnt supported

      Jeff Daniels: terrible customer service

      Divay: I am sorry but this is the only Support option.