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    PhotoShop Color Overlay  for  Interactive Indesign Document


      Hello world!
      Im trying to  figure  out  how to do what the  following  email  says:


      "We typically do them like this – a SketchUp model, with color overlays done in Photoshop.  We then use the color overlay document to create the InDesign links for the code document."


      This is for a city planning code. Im not  very  proficient on PS  but I do use  illustrator daily.  The image attached  shows what I suppose are the color overlays from PS. I havent found anywhere how these overlays can be links... Am I just confused? Please  help.

      [  i thought of  just  using multiply and the  pen tool on  illustrator to color the  exported  sketchup scenes,no linking to  anything though]


      ( I image001.jpeg