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    How to use cfqueryparam tag to insert records in to table?

    bharathi_reddy Level 1

      Hi Team ,


      I am trying to insert 6 records dynamically from form to db( oracle 11g) at the end of business process workflow. my form is getting stalled if user enters special character in the fields. I have seen in one of the forum if we use  "cfqueryparam " tag to automatically escape all the special characters . But i didn't get how to use this tag.


      I am using Execute SQL Statement activity in the subprocess and i have written a simple query as shown below.


      INSERT IN TO TABLENAME VALUES ("/process_data/@field1","/process_data/@field2","/process_data/@field3","/process_data/@field4","/process_data/@field5","/process_data/@field6") ;


      Please let me know how i can use the tag to escape all special characters .


      Thanks in Advance,