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    Premiere Pro Script execution without ExtendScript Toolkit confirmation


      Hi everyone,

      I'm creating a video browser OSX app, that will import files to opened project, open and play it in the source viewer in Premiere Pro.

      The app creates a JSX file with:


      "#target premierepro";


      var result=qe.project.importFiles(argv);

      var num=qe.project.numItems;

      var proje=qe.project.getItemAt(num-1);




      It works correctly in ESTK, but if I open it inside my app, calling:

      NSWorkspace *workspace = [NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace];

      [workspace openFile:jsxFilePath];

      //This exactly the same than opening it in Finder via double-clicking it


      It shows me this confirmation dialog (sorry for the Spanish localization)

      Captura de pantalla 2015-02-06 a la(s) 12.22.45.png

      If I press 'Si(Yes)', the script is executed correctly inside Adode Premiere, if I press 'No', then ESTK opens in Debug mode. This is the same behavior if I open the jsx file in the Finder.


      Then, how can I avoid this dialog every time the app runs a script?


      Thanks a lot,