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    Presenter 9 32-bit MSI - Installation Fails Error Code: 1603




      I am using Creative Cloud Packers to create a Presenter 9 MSI file (32Bit). The creation process seems to complete with no errors and I have the resulting installation material and MSI. I install the generated exceptions using the following command line:


      ExceptionDeployer.exe --workflow=install --mode=pre --installLanguage=en_US


      I then try and deploy the MSI using:


      msiexec /i Presenter932.msi /qn


      The installation fails, from what I can tell from the log files it fails with a 1603 error which is a 'Generic' error from the research I have done.


      Following the exact same process with the 64-bit version of Presenter the installation works fine. However we do not use  MS Office 64-bit here at the university. I have even recreated the 32-bit installer using CCP on a number of occasions but the problem still remains. Running the MSI directly (not via command line) results in the same error as well.


      Is CCP generating a faulty MSI and what can I do about this?