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    Problem with iPad when I try to select a photo from gallery using browseForImage


      Hi, this is my first post, and I hope you can help me with this problem...Im using cameraUI.launch for open the camera app and take a picture without problems, this works fine, but when I try to open gallery from iPad using browseForImage this open a little window to select a folder rigth? but when I try to select any folder this cancel all operation and I cant upload any picture from my gallery..please help,,,Im working with FB 4.7 , apache 4.14 and adobe Air,  on Android devices and iPhones I dont have this problem just on iPad.


      this is the source code:


      protected function btnGallery_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {

        if( CameraRoll.supportsBrowseForImage )


              if(Capabilities.manufacturer.indexOf("Android") >= 0)


                loader = new Loader();

                loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener( Event.COMPLETE, this.contentLoadedHandler );


              cameraRoll = new CameraRoll();

              cameraRoll.addEventListener( MediaEvent.SELECT, imageSelected );

              cameraRoll.addEventListener( Event.CANCEL, browseCanceled ); /*This is activated whenever I try to select a folder to select an image on the iPad*/

              cameraRoll.addEventListener( ErrorEvent.ERROR, mediaError );




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          I have te same unfortunate problem. Only happens in iPad. cameraRoll.browseForImage() opens a new window but wherever I touch (on folders, or anywhere on the window or out of the window) it dispatches a Cancel event and closes window.


          I tried to dispatch flash.events.Event.DEACTIVATE, from nativeStage and from cameraRoll, before and after calling cameraRoll.browseForImage() , but still it was behaving same as above.

          I tried setting displayState as:

          Starling.current.nativeStage.displayState = StageDisplayState.NORMAL;

          But no help neither.

          It doesn't show any error, I don't have any other solutions to come up with. I feel that somehow I need to invoke application to deactivate, to let my touches focus on CameraRoll window, but I don't know how to do this actually (I tried to dispatch DEACTIVATE event from various sources but I dont believe it is an effective way of doing it).


          I use AIR 16.0 with Starling, test on iOS 8.1.

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            LuMiMaN Level 1

            finaly I find a solution, actually adobe solved the issue with the new beta Air 17...you have to download for flex developers and use this version on your project...


            Download Adobe AIR 17 Beta - Adobe Labs