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    Z10PE-D8 - Is it Hamstrung?


      We're looking to build a new dual Xeon v3 system with 2 x E5-2660 v3 CPUs and 64GB RAM and I noticed the PCIe spec on the Z10PE-D8 mainboard is x16/x16, but goes to all x8 for 3+ cards.


      Does this mean if you have say 3 x GTX 980s on the Z10PE-D8, and the same 3 GTX 980s on a Supermicro X10 board that is x16/x16/x16 for example, the Supermicro performance will be twice that of the Z10PE-D8?  Concern is about PCIe resources with the ASUS mb...and why this is if like most dual Xeon boards it's supposed to have 80 PCIe lanes


      This is mostly about Premiere Pro and AE, but we want to use this machine for DaVinci and C4D (with Octane) as well.  We want to have 3 cards onboard now with the Decklink and have full throughput, and have option to maybe make it just a C4D render box with 4 GPUs later.