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    [02/06/2015] Functionality Change to DRMDeviceGroup API

    Eric.H Adobe Employee

      [ Audience ]

      Flash video application developers.



      [ Summary ]

      A security patch to an older version of Flash Player (v13.0.0.269) will prevent devices from leaving a DRM device group.  If your workflow uses DRM Device Groups, end-users must upgrade their Flash Player to a version that is not in order for their machine to perform a Leave Device Group operation.  Only Flash Player version on Mac and Window are affected. AIR and iOS and Android platforms (for Primetime Licensees) are not affected.


      Adobe is working to release another patch of Flash Player v13 to address this issue in March.



      [ Specific Details ]

      If your Flash-based video application makes use of DRM Device Groups (also known as Device Domains), The DRMManager.removeFromDeviceGroup() API will not work with Flash Player v13.0.0.269.  If your application/workflow uses that API, please detect whether or not the end user is using version and instruct the user to upgrade their version of Flash Player if they would like to remove their device from their Device Group/Domain.


      If a call to .removeFromDeviceGroup() group API is made on the affected version of Flash Player, the call will not send a request to the server, and there will not be any error dispatched to the application.  It will essentially be a no-op (non-operation).