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    OSxYosemite and Lightroom,Bad shadow gradient and JPEG exported slightly darker


      Hello,i´m trying to find some help in here.


      i have been with this for 2 weeks now,i had OS Yosemite for some time, i have noticed that when i was editing files on Lightroom,or Photoshop the dark gradients seemed a little weird,mostly the edges from a dark area to a bright area,almost like posterization ,i did some research and for my case to be solved i didnt found anything,i have my Macbook Pro non-retina calibrated with i1 Display Pro,ive tried every settings possible with i1 settings,no luck,and also when i export my raw files as a jpeg,the jpegs always look a bit darker,but i always thought that was normal during the conversion to sRGB.


      3 days ago,i was wondering if i tried to go back in OSX´s,so i did a clean installation of OSX Mountain Lion,and voilá,no gritty gradients or posterarization like edges,and when i export the files the jpegs look just like the same with the adjustments i did in LR.


      Also worth mentioning that i had tested some jpegs i did work in Yosemite that the result was darker than i wanted as i mentioned before with banding or posterization or whatever,i did a comparison on my wifes computer and no banding or edgy gradients at all,smooth.


      Also notice that i have tried in Mavericks also,and for me it´s just like Yosemite,that was the reason why i did upgrade to Yosemite in the first place.


      My Question is,is any thing on Yosemite related with LUT´s different from Mountain Lion or anything Color-wise that i cant get it to understand?


      Note than now i have my HD partitioned with Mountain Lion and Yosemite,just to test and be more aware of the problems by just a distance of a restart,i also tried to use the same color profile from Mountain Lion created by x-rite in Yosemite but no luck.







      Bruno Ribeiro