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    CS6 to CC2014 after effects video edits getting moved around




      We are having a weird problem after moving our whole department to CC2014 from CS6.  Once we bring open a CS6 project in After Effects CC2014 all the video edits get thrown off by anywhere from 300 to 18000 frames in the actual edit layer window (in the composition the edit cuts are still in the same place).  We are shooting on Canon 305XF's using the 50 mbps .MXF format.  


      When I open the same project in CS6 and CC2014 and look at the footage setting in CS6 the clip says 9403 total frames in the interrupt footage dialog.  But when I open the exact same project in CC2014 it says 83160 frames.  If anyone has seen this issue can you point me in the right direction.


      I really need to have an easy fix for this issue as it is going to effect about 100 large older projects.


      Thank you