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    Why can 't I store images on my SD care in Lightroom mobile for Android


      I don't understand why I can't store images on my SD card. I get that a mobile app can't ever have the same functionality as the desktop version without taking up all the memory, but what on earth made someone think it was a good idea to store images in memory that is not only highly limited, not upgradable, but also used by other apps and more importantly the OS. Why can't I store images on the MicroSD card. That thing can be 128gb which is enough storage to work on a decent collection of images.


      I would love there to be some more control over aspects of the image, but what there is works well. It also syncs effectively and there isn't that much lag between each event, but what happens when I need to edit 50 images from a device I keep in my pocket [which theoretically should be viable]?


      The most useful feature for me is processing images I've taken with my phone, and syncing them back to Lightroom...


      Please tell me that external storage is going to be added?