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    Hyperlinl lingo


      I am simply trying to get a web address to link to a web site. I have tried some code I have from the director book and also from the forums but I am not getting it...

      the text is simply:

      How do I script this so it actually goes to that site when clicked? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Level 7
          Attached to your text sprite on the stage you could have the following
          code in a behavior script:
          on hyperlinkClicked me, tData, tRange
          if not( tData starts " http://" ) then
          -- assume/default to http protocol:
          tData = tData & " http://"
          end if
          tResult = gotoNetPage(tData)

          There are variations on this idea using xtras but the above should get
          you started.
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            James Newton, ACP Level 3
            1) Create a text member
            2) Paste your text into the text member
            3) Select your text
            4) Open the Text Inspector (menu item Window | Text Inspector)
            5) Type " http://www.anjmotorsports.com" (without the quotes) into the Hyperlink Data input area at the bottom
            6) Drag your text member onto the Stage
            7) Open the Library Palette (menu item Window | Library Palette)
            8) Use the cast selector icon to choose the Text palette
            9) Locate Chris Walcott's "Hypertext - General" behavior, and drag it onto your text sprite
            10) Run your movie and click on the hyperlink.
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              chudson17 Level 1
              Thank you very much. I finally got it to work!