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    issue with color swatches and color palette


      can't figure out what's wrong with my "color swatch/color slider" window.*


      when i select shapes, text, picture boxes – any object on my artboard, really – i can't change the color; the swatches are unresponsive.


      i can load new swatches into the color palette window, but they don't respond either.


      i'm unable to create new color swatches using the icon in the color window.


      i've looked in the swatch palette's settings.

      i've looked in the settings menu.

      i've tried quitting indesign.

      i've tried restarting my iMac.

      i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software.


      ...i'm stuck.


      has anyone else encountered this problem w/ indesign for adobe cc? (my other adobe applications are working properly)

      many thanks.


      *note: i am able to change colors using the toolbar at the top of the indesign browser, so i'm not COMPLETELY dead in the water, but my color palette window just all of a sudden stopped working properly.