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    Can this be done with Cross References?

    Scott Citron Adobe Community Professional

      My document has 10 figures (photos, e.g.) with corresponding cross references in the text. Due to a series of changes, I now need to delete Figure 5. The old Figure 6 now needs to be Figure 5, the old Figure 7 needs to be Figure 6, etc. And the corresponding text sources need to update as well.


      Is this possible with InDesign's built-in Cross References feature? If not, is there a plug-in out there that could solve my problem?



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          Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

          Are you asking how you could set it up in the past so that in the future you could automate the process? If so, yes. I'm doing a book with a slightly similar feature. But it only handles the actual text in the ID document. It doesn't handle changing the names of the photos that have been placed. So if you need to rename the placed PSD files, I can't help you.


          But, if it's text only, here's what I'm doing.


          My figure captions are numbered lists. The format is "Figure #" and then the text. They have been set to run across stories.


          When I x-ref the figure, I have the x-ref set to pick up the number of the paragraph but not the actual text of the paragraph.


          If, in your example, I were to take out figure 5, I would take out the figure photo and caption. This would leave a missing x-ref in the body text. That's fine. I would delete it. Then all the rest of the x-refs would need to be updated.


          Similarly, I could insert an x-ref. I believe the auto number would come from its position on the pages of the text.


          HOWEVER, you would need to have set this up initially. It won't help afterward.


          PS: I hope you're asking this for the future and for many more than just 10 figures.