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    Getting DataGrid Properties

      How would I go about ascertaining which sort has been executed on which column on an existing datagrid. Also, would it be possible to get the y coordinate from the verticle scrollbar? I want to be able to save a user's place in a grid so that when the datagrid refreshes, I can return the user to the place on the grid that they were before the refresh.
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          michael_ramirez44 Level 1
          To get the coordinates of the vertical scrollbar use the "verticalScrollPosition " property on your datagrid.

          verticalScrollPosition : Number
          The offset into the content from the top edge.

          To determine which column on a datagrid has been sorted add an event listener to the "headerRelease" event on your datagrid.
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            boybles Level 1
            Thanks, Michael. Could you just give me a quick example of how you would use a listener with headerRelease to know which column has been selected for sorting? And is ther a way to automatically select one of the columns for sorting when the grid reloads?