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    Is there a way to change brush opacity?


      Lemme explain.


      I just got Creative Cloud for a project I'm doing. Keep in mind we're on a relatively tight budget- it's a school project, but I'm not even in high school yet. So other alternatives are out- I'm NOT changing programs.


      Well, I animate (or at least, I'll be learning to) in the style of hand-drawn animation. I don't like the way the computer moves shapes for me with tweens. My main issue is with sketching messy frames- I can't do it very well with the pen tool. Here's an example I did in Paint Tool SAI:


      stupid flash.png

      It's the difference between using pencil and pen- pencil on left, pen on right. Even if it looks pretty good, it's hard to do, and doesn't feel right. What would make things a LOT better is if, like I was told somewhere, I could tone down the brush opacity. That way, I could sketch like I do with the marker tool on SAI and it would be just as good. I'm using the latest version of Flash. Please help me! unu