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    Flash Form HELP!

    kitster79 Level 1

      I am trying to write my code for my flash form to be sent to my cgi script service, Matt's script archive (scriptarchive.com).
      This is the code I have written so far, but it does not work. The URL that appears when I fill out the form says "Error Bad/No Recipient" I know I must be missing some vital code in here...can anyone identify it for me?

      I would really appreciated it! Here is the code that I have so far.......

      var gatherForm:LoadVars = new LoadVars() ;

      function sendForm() {
      gatherForm.email_to = "reservations@hideaway-ludington.com";
      gatherForm.visitor_name = contactForm.userName.text;
      gatherForm.visitor_email = contactForm.userEmail.text;
      gatherForm.visitor_address = contactForm.address.text;
      gatherForm.visitor_address = contactForm.address.text;

      gatherForm.send("../cgi-bin/formmail.pl", "POST");