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    Upload to utube questions

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      May have missed the obvious, but ....

      Using Pre 11, went thru the steps of exporting a video segment to U tube. Prompted to for Adobe to access acct, signed in to utube etc., , accepted agreements, named the video and description etc and completed the upload as per the export steps in the program.  It finished with the completed check mark as successful export, ..  but where is the video?  And or, where did it upload to?   I also currently have a gmail account.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Your video is in YouTube under your channel.


          In the Premiere Elements YouTube workspace when you get the success message and before you hit Done on the Premiere Elements side, you should see the web address for your video.


          Use that to access your uploaded video for viewing after YouTube processes the upload on its side. If you have clicked Done on the Premiere Elements side without noting the web address for the video, then you can go to the YouTube web site, sign in, and go to your YouTube channel.


          There you can manage your YouTube account and other details. When it is your own account, you should be able to download a copy of the uploaded video (as .mp4) to your computer.


          Please let us know if this is the information that you were seeking.


          Thank you.



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            Thanks for the info but I missed the web address the program put there.  so I went to my Gmail account to view my channels but nothing there, also tried a u tube search with no luck.  I find this gmail and u tube a bit challenging to find things. Will keep tryin......

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              When you went to the YouTube web site and signed in, did you see the following in the far left column


              and from My Channel in that column did you access your channel with all its video uploads?

              How long ago did you upload this video - within or after several hours, days? After the successful upload, there is more

              time to add to the process as YouTube processes the video after the upload.


              You may also recover it by watching your email for notification and thank you from YouTube for the upload - email might get

              confused and get deposited in Junk Mail.


              Also pay special attention to the listing that you assign to the upload - private, unlisted.


              We will be watching for further developments.



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                Yes that is the screen I had and was thinking it may be a time issue as you suggest.  I uploaded the file only a short time before posting here so will give it more time and update with progress,

                Thanks again

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                  Thanks for the follow up.


                  It is likely that you are not giving YouTube time to do the post uploading processing. Once you click Done in Premiere Elements YouTube feature, I see no way

                  to go after your video from there. Your opportunities for that should be at the YouTube web site as I mentioned previously or waiting for the email from YouTube that your

                  latest upload is now available.


                  Looking forward to further developments.



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                    Well it never did show up so must have gone into space somewhere.  I went to Uube and uploaded file direct from computer and that worked.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the update. Glad for the good news of a successful upload of a file uploaded to YouTube from the computer desktop. And, not so glad for the not so good news

                      about the fate of your Timeline content upload to YouTube from the Premiere Elements feature.


                      As your schedule permits, please try the Premiere Elements YouTube feature upload again, making sure to record the online link to your video before clicking Done in Premiere Elements YouTube workspace message of success.


                      Curious...no signs of the upload at YouTube My Channel and no signs of a YouTube acknowledgment of its upload well over 24 hours now.