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    Help, my lightroom cannot find my catalog on startup


      Where do i find my catalog? this program has worked perfectly for 6 months. So this is what happened when i tried to re-open LIGHTROOM 5.7 on my IMAC OSX 10.9.5 ... now i cannot get past a screen that says "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom --select a catalogue ...and then there is a list that says "select a recent catalog to open... BUT there are no catalogs listed to click on. WHERE did my catalog of 17,000 photos go? (everything was working fine until i added another FOLDER called ARchive and is my external storage drive...) How do i get past this screen?

      many thanks for any suggestions.



      PS i had also renamed the PICTURES folder to PHOTOS ALL, Do you think LIghtroom can't find it now? I looked for extensions .lrcat and found a series of backups, so how do i get the LIghtroom program to find the catalog?


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Of course that's why Lightroom can't find the catalog. But if you go to the PICTURES ALL folder there should be a Lightroom folder. And inside that folder you will find your catalog. It has the .lrcat extension. There are other files in that folder as well that Lightroom depends on. And since you have renamed your pictures folder Lightroom can't find those either. Anyway, double-click on the catalog file in that new location and everything should be fine.


          Programs are designed to work on dependencies in different folders. It really isn't a good idea for you to arbitrarily rename a folder. In fact, I would really suggest that you change the name of that folder back to what it was originally and leave it there. It's a standard folder that other programs might be depending on as well.


          And just to clarify, I would rename your PICTURES ALL back to what it was originally before you start searching for the catalog and double-clicking on it as I suggested. This Pictures folder could almost be considered to be a system folder, in my opinion. It's one that I don't believe should be renamed.