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    video won't work on interactive


      I can’t load a video onto an interactive pdf InDesign document in InDesign CC 2014.  I have looked at a number of trouble shooting sites, and the best I could figure is that maybe my Indesign program had a glitch. So I first tried “trashing” my InDesign preferences.  That didn’t do it.  I then uninstalled ID as many forums suggested, and then I reinstalled it again with my adobe creative cloud access. But, still, same thing. I tried moving the video file to another folder, renaming it and trying again; I tried different version of videos (.mov, mp4, etc). I tried importing the video file into an empty indesign document in the case there was some trouble with other files I had placed before the video....Same thing, every single time.

      I’m using a MacBook Pro, OS X 10.9.5; plenty of memory, plenty of processing speed….help???  Even my instructor on Adobe Ed Exchange is stumped...and she sent me here...