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    Serious sound problem


      I have a weird but serious sound problem. When I import any video or audio file into After Effects CC 2014, audio waveform is approx. 2 times shorter than it is in original video. It is not faster, but sounds like it is cut. When I nonetheless render composition the problem still exists. Even rendering through media encoder doesn't help.


      Here is a screenshot of my timeline:

      problem waveform.PNG

      The waveform should last tiil the end of the file (and it lasts physically in the video file - checked in WMP or QT)


      here is how it sounds (note cuts in audio): Dropbox - waveform error.wav


      It occured suddenly, today - I didn't changed anything, and it worked properly yesterday. Anyone has a clue?

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          Pieczony89 Level 1

          I reinstalled AE, PP, every software I have in Creative Cloud menu, and it didn't worked. Interesting is, earlier imported files have good audio (in older projects) but now, any file containing audio I import, has broken sound :/

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Your sample file works just fine for me. Try placing the file in a new comp. Try opening the file in the footage window by double clicking on it in the project panel. Make sure that there are no effects or keyframes in the layer by pressing the u key twice with the layer selected. If you don't find anything then let us know.

            Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 6.48.46 AM.png

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              Pieczony89 Level 1

              The file I uploaded is a wav file of part of animation with bad audio - note melody at the start and character sentences are cropped.


              Opening any file in footage window gives the same result. Any filter or effect is not added to the file - just pure video file imported to AE. Even adding some effects operated on bad waveform. It looks like something conforming audio data doesn't work.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                What would be helpful is the file that is having the problem, not the rendered result. We can't know anything by looking at the rendered result. Check the file in Audition or Premiere Pro or upload it. If it opens fine in Audition or Premiere Pro then export another copy of the file using linear uncompressed as the format.

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                  Pieczony89 Level 1

                  The problem is, I am not supposed to publish anything I am working on now.




                  problem waveform 2.PNG


                  I think I solved the problem by deleting anything with 'Adobe' in name from AppData folder in Windws/User/ catalogue. Now it seems to be working for new files, although the files I rendered today are broken. Above you can see two waveforms of the same sound. Upper is a file with broken audio, lower is a new wav file, rendered from a second machine. Now it renders ok, but earlier I was always getting the lower waveform to look and sound like the upper one (I hope you understand me )


                  I will try to find if deleting AppData folder solved problem completely or not.