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    Setting maximum value of bar chart


      I've searched the help for this, but couldn't find anything.

      I created a bar chart and had to deal with more than 200 value pairs. Because you couldn't see anything when displaying the whole chart, I divided the data and added a numeric stepper to display only 10 results at once. I now have the problem that for a better comparisson, I would need the same value steps in the x-axis. For example: The first 10 values are between 1200 and 1800 so the x-axis starts with 0 and ends with 2000, with several steps between. As soon as I switch to the next site, I have values between 1000 and 1100. Now the x-axis starts with 0 and ends with 1200. On the last site the x-axis starts with 0 and ends with 14...The Question is, if it is possible to set a fixed value like 3000 and let the x-axis always start with 0 and end with that fixed value so that the bars on the last pages are pretty small. This would make a quick comparisson much easier.

      If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.

      Many thanks in adavance.