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    Video logo intro



      I want to make a youtube intro and i hope after effects is the right thing to start with,


      i have this logo:


      and i want it, to slowly being transformed into this (same background)


      i can do this with after effects right? any good video for tutorial? any tips ?


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you new to AE? Creating that look strictly inside AE will require a bunch of effects stacked on top of each other, but animating the shape of the mouth is relatively easy using either shape layers or masks. The hard part would be the texture.


          I would approach the problem by first creating the basic shape using the pen tool. I'd probably create a foreground and background element with the foreground having the holes you are going to use as eyes and mouth. Then I'd animate the shape of the paths in the foreground so that the original shape would transform into the final shape. Then I'd use something like Forge Freeform and a displacement map to give the shape layers texture and extrusion, add lights as necessary finalize the shot. Without forge freeform I'd create the textures in Photoshop and import the pieces as a composition. If you have Creative Cloud then you have a version of Forge Freeform included in CS6. 


          As for finding a specific tutorial with all of the steps I don't have the time to search for one for you. I would look for Animating shape layers or animating paths in After Effects. Once you can create and animate a shape layer so that the eyes and mouth move around the way you like them start looking for the steps to create the stone texture. Search both Photoshop and After Effects and try some of those techniques.


          Once you have that down, the background could be recreated using a Gradient Ramp or shape layer with gradient fill and a particle generator.


          If you didn't understand anything I was talking about then start here: Basic Workflow