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    Fulfilling book title runs forever

    alwweb Level 1
      • My laptop has been rebuilt from scratch. 
      • I have copied my original acsm files from by backup to the new install on my laptop.
      • I downloaded and installed Digital Editions 4.0 (I don't know what version was on the computer before it was rebuilt)
      • I registered the computer with my existing ID
      • I try to open one of my books in Digital Editions and the Fulfilling ... Downloading Content ... window appears.  When the green bar almost reaches the end, it hangs.  I have let it run for over 30 minutes and it is still there.
      • This happens for all of my purchased books
      • I am able to load a library epub book successfully.
      • I tried rebooting my computer, but I still get the same results.


      I've searched the forums and can't find any answers.

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          I have the same problem. It has been happening for so long that I stopped attempting to use the app; however, I need to do research on a book I own and now can't access it. Please help.

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            excille Level 1

            I had a similar problem, where ADE 4.5.9 wasn't working for me. I tried everything I could think of. I tried reinstalling, I tried rolling back to 3.0, I deleted the Adept key and tried logging on again, etc. What finally worked for me was to purge my computer of everything Adobe and starting over.

            I first uninstalled everything with Adobe in the name (including flash player and Adobe Acrobat DC). Then I went to REGEDIT, and under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, software, I exported the entire Adobe key (just in case I messed it up), and deleted it. I then went to my C:/Program Files (x86) folder and deleted the adobe folder there. I then went to my Documents folder and renamed the "My Digital Editions" folder so Adobe Digital Editions wouldn't point there.

            Finally, I re-installed, re-authorized the new program, and the next book I tried to open worked. Whether that's a permanent fix, or something I'll have to do again, I don't know... but it works for now.