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    How to change text of show nav pane link?

      The Show navigation pane link that appears in context-sensitive help is titled "Show." My company wants to change the text to something more intuitive, like "Show table of contents" or "Show details." In Robohelp, I can find a way to disable the link, but no way to change the text. Does anyone know how I can do this? I should mention that I am not a developer but could probably get one to do something if need be.
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          Hi paulajmarchese

          Try this. Click File > Project Settings... > General tab. Click the button labeled "Advanced...". Click the LNG File tab. Scroll down to the entry labeled Show=Show and click it. Now click the Edit button and change it to Show=Insert desired text here!

          Of course you change Insert desired text here! to whatever it is you want that link to say.

          Give that a shot and report back if you can't seem to make it stick or work. There's a very slight risk it could fail. But explaining it is a bit involved, so I'll hold off on that unless you really need it.

          Cheers... Rick