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    Photoshop Opens new blank files abnormally slow...


      Hay there, I got a couple issues I could use some advice on if any one happens to recognize the issues.


      I've got a fresh cs6 install completely updated on a brand new PC with a fresh windows 8, barely even had the thing for 2 days yet.


      CS6 opens just fine but when I go to open a new file it freezes up for like 5 minutes before eventually opening the file... after that it runs smoothly.


      Then I've got a potentially unrelated issue were the system wont allow me to run some of my brush tool presets that I purchased recently... they worked fine on my old machine but on this new install I keep getting the error...


      Could not load the tool presets because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop.


      I even attempted to purchase the brushes again to see if they were updated in some way.


      Please tell me if you need more info to go one.