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    Host: process not elevated on OSX 10.7.5.


      Hi guys.


      This happened to me too. I am really a bit upset. There are several solutions posted, but any update doesn't work, whereas this update seems to be mandatory because of security issues. This important update was even recommended in several media channels like TV, radio, newspapers and the web.


      Adobe is not really able to solve such a problem. Urggh!!!


      I downloaded the install from the get.adobe.flash-player-something.com website several times (or whatever website it was).

      Always the same message "Host: process not elevated" !


      I downloaded from that above mentioned link, different message, but no successful installation.

      I will post it later on as an image. Really upset!


      I am working on MacBook 2008 (MacBook5,1 / silver aluminum / 8 GB / OCZ-VERTEX3 120 GB SSD as Sysdisk) with OSX 10.7.5



      This is the error (AdobeFlashPlayerInstaller_16_ltrosxd_aaa_aih.dmg)



      As recommended I tried above mentioned link to download. Download OK for install_flash_player_osx.dmg, but another installing error with this file:



      I pressed on "support erhalten" which means "need support" and then I was linked to:



      And now I am in loop, I should look for the download link and try to download the latest version, which I did half an hour ago through the "get adobe.flashplayer.com" website (or whatever it was). I don't care. Simply it should work. Then I thought: "Ah, maybe I should look for correct setup (enabling Flash Player | Safari or whatever browser). Everything fine, but still no success.


      Sometimes I would like to have back the old days (20 years ago) , as we made Adobe big!!! As we were working as graphic arts professionals and Adobe was alone in Macintosh world. There was no Adobe in Windows 3.11 or MS-DOS something!!! We made you Adobe guys that fat as you are today. Sometimes you should remember!!!


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